How to upload your site with MS Publisher 2003
Posted by Innerplanet Sales on 12 January 2006 05:44 AM

Note: Please note that Microsoft's Publisher is primarily a nice desktop publishing program. Its web capabilities were added later, and while it does allow you to create and upload web sites, it is not an ideal program to use for web site design.

To upload your web site using Publisher 2003 simply follow these steps. It should be noted that if you are using Publisher's default settings to upload your site, the server will require FrontPage extensions be installed on your account. You can install FrontPage extensions from your cPanel or one of our tech support people can do this for you. We recommend that you consider using FTP to upload your site which is described in the following tutorial.

Make sure your home page is named index.html. This is very important!

  1. Open your web site in Publisher.
  2. From the File menu, select Web Site Properties.
  3. In the Web Site Properties window, make sure your Home page file name is "index" and the File name extension is "html". Click OK

Make sure to save your website to a folder on your hard drive first.

Uploading your site to the server

As mentioned earlier there are two ways to upload your web site. These methods are using Microsoft's Web Publishing Wizard or to use FTP.

Suggested settings before uploading

Prior to uploading your site, we have a few suggested settings that you may wish to implement

  1. Go to Options in the Tools menu and click on the Web tab.
  2. Uncheck Rely on VML.
  3. Uncheck Allow PNG.
  4. Uncheck all boxes under Encoding and E-mail.
  5. Check the Organize... box.
  6. Check the Enable... option.
  7. Click OK.

Publishing your site

  1. Go to Publish to the Web... in the file menu.
  2. If you see a dialog box stating that you need a web host, please ignore it and then click OK.
  3. Click the drop down list arrow in the Save in: box.
  4. At the very bottom of the list you'll see Add/Modify FTP locations. (next time you publish you can skip this part). In the dialog box that opens up add the following information which is case sensitive.
    • Name of FTP site is your domain name, or the IP address that was provided in your welcome letter when you signed up for hosting at Innerplanet. Usually this will look like for example.
    • Enter the Subfolder containing your Web pages as "public_html" (without the quotes)
    • Log in as: check User and is your user name which was provided in your welcome letter. (case sensitive) Remember, you have two sets of usernames and passwords. Please check your welcome email for the correct set.
    • In the Password box type in your password. (case sensitive) See above note about usernames and passwords.
    • Click the Add button which will add your new setting to the FTP Sites: list box.
    • Click OK and you will be returned to the Publish dialog box.
  5. Click on your URL then click Open button. The file name should be index.html and the Save as type: should be Web Page, Filtered (which are the defaults).
  6. Publisher will now connect to the web server and show a list of files on the server. Do not change any file or folder that you're not familiar with and didn't create yourself (or bad things will probably happen).
  7. Click the Save button. Publisher begins generating html web page files and images and uploads them to the server.
  8. That's it.
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