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Handling bounces with PHPlist
Posted by Innerplanet Sales on 12 July 2006 04:00 AM

Having trouble getting bounces to come back to you PHP List? Try this...



In your mail list directory-->go to the config directory and then config.php.


Open up config.php with a PHP editor or notepad. Do not use MS Word or similar word processor for this.



Make sure the $message_envelope has not been commented out and that it is a reference to a valid mailbox that you can access with

POP3 mail. This may have already been created if you used an auto-installer to install your PHPList. Usually something like


Re-upload. Don't forget to make a backup copy of config.php first.


All messages will now be sent with this email address, which means that in

most cases they will bounce to this address.


In the config file, configure the following to be valid to access the mailbox

$bounce_mailbox_host = '';

$bounce_mailbox_user = 'full_email address_from_above_here';

$bounce_mailbox_password = 'password';



All bounces from your PHPlist will now go into this email account.


Go to your PHPlist admin area and click "Process Bounces". This should load all of your bounced emails into PHPlist Click "View Bounces" There you have the option to either view or delete them.



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