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How do I submit a support support ticket?
Posted by Innerplanet Sales on 16 August 2006 07:50 AM

To contact our support team through the support desk, simply click on "Contact Support" at

- Select the department you wish to contact (Main Support, Management, Billing, Sales, etc)
- Fill in your name and email address and other related information.
- Then, Click "submit".
- After you have submitted your ticket, you will receive an email confirming that your ticket was received, and providing you with a link to automatically login to our support desk.

Once you have logged in, you can:

- Check the status of your ticket.
- Add additional information to an existing ticket.
- Reply directly to a help desk response.

Each time you submit us a new ticket, you will receive the same login info by email. This is because when submitting your first ticket, you automatically create a "help desk account". From now on, the history of all the tickets you send us will be recorded in your help desk account - this means you can login and refer back to past correspondences at any time.

NOTE: When your ticket is answered by one our team members, you will be sent a copy of their response via email. However, if you send us a ticket and don't receive a reply after 2 hours, it is possible that our response failed to reach your email inbox and we recommend logging into the desk and checking on the ticket status. You can also have our live chat people check on the issue for you. Make sure to have the ticket ID handy.


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