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Do I need to know anything about FTP to upload my site?
Posted by Innerplanet Sales on 04 June 2008 08:36 AM

No you really don't need to know about FTP to upload your site, but it certainly helps.

FTP is one of the most common ways to upload/publish your site but it is not necessary to really know anything about it especially if you are just starting out. There are several ways to upload your site and they all depend on which web builder (if any) you are using.

We provide a few easy web builders that only take a few clicks of your mouse to get your website up and online. 

For example, with the SiteZen web builder it's just a matter of clicking on the Publish link.
Same thing with our Innerplanet Web Builder, you just need to click the publish button and you are done!

On the other hand if you plan on using an FTP program (called an FTP client) you will need to upload all of your files to the /public_html directory.
Please see the knowledgebase article on the basic file structure of your account: 
We have several tutorials on how to connect to your account via FTP including easy to follow video tutorials.

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