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Posted by Innerplanet Sales on 12 September 2003 08:23 AM
There are many FTP client programs available for transferring files. An FTP program runs on a local computer and interacts with a remote Web server FTP service. Most FTP programs have a graphical interface that make it easy to transfer files. If you do not have an FTP program, you can download any of them from the Internet, usually for free. The following list of FTP programs is a small sample of those available for download, either as an evaluation copy (demo) or as a full release version of the program.
Uploading Pages
To upload your Web pages, log into your server using your username and password. You should see a file in your directory called index.html. This is the default Innerplanet page that was created for you when your account was first setup.
To be visible on the Internet you need to upload your Web pages into a directory called public_html. Most FTP clients allow you to create new directories, remove empty directories, and delete and rename files on both the local and remote systems. Your client may have more or fewer features, so be sure to read the help file or documentation that came with the client. We have links for some of the most popular FTP clients listed above.
Find the file(s) you want to transfer on your local system, select them in your client, then make sure the remote system is showing the directory you want your local file(s) to end up in. Press your FTP client's send button, and the file(s) should start to upload.
Where do  I upload my website files?
When you log in with your FTP client, you will see a directory called 'public_html'. This is the root of your web documents and you will need to put any web site files in this directory. When is accessed, it looks in this folder for your default web page(index.html).
File Structure:
- same as the public_html folder
/public_html - This is where your site files will go

FTP Settings
Hostname: Type in your account's ftp address, such as or your IP address.
Username: Enter the username provided to you in your welcome letter from Innerplanet.
Password: Enter the password provided to you in your account welcome letter from Innerplanet.
If you don't see your updated file(s) after uploading, try hitting the "Refresh" or "Reload" button on your web browser, this will clear the temporary cache and try again.
The above password and user information is in your configuration email that was sent to you when your account was set up .
For specific information on your FTP software, please see our video tutorials below.
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