How do I name my pages?
Posted by Innerplanet Sales on 24 November 2005 09:47 AM

When naming your websites pages…..

1) Name your Home Page “index”. DO NOT name your home page "home".
At least one page must be named index or your site cannot beseen on the Internet.

2) Do not use capitals letters. Do not name your index page "Index"
with a capital "I". use only lower case letters.

3) Use under scores to connect words. For example, do not save a page as
contact us , you must save it as contact_us. If you had a page called new
products, you would save it as new_products. ALWAYS use underscores
to connect multiple words in page names.

In this web builder, you do not need to add an extension to the page name. For example, in other web builders you need to add .htm, .html, .php or equivilent. With this builder you do not need to do that. This builder will add this while it is being publish.

Note: before you publish your page the website builder will add its own extension (.bvp) while it is still on your local computer. Then, when you publish the page it will change the extension to .html.

Please see this video tutorial also: