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Knowledgebase : osCommerce Shopping Cart
Please understand that we cannot support nor endorse any of these addons, however you may find some of these useful.
My Store Figure 1 shows the My Store listing page under the Admin>Configuration>My Store section.Store Name The name of your store. Store Owner The store owner's name, or can also be the name of the store. This value will be in the "from"...
Introduction The what's new box on the index.php page can be removed by commenting out the code below. This will let you bring the what's new back should you change your mind by just un-commenting the line. Solution In the catalog/index.php file you will...
2CheckOut Paypal ipayment PSiGate SECPay TrustTCommerce Other payment gateways may be added
There is a wealth of information in the OsCommerce forums.Click here to go there.