How to change file and folder permissions using FileZilla

This demo assumes you already have FileZilla running on your computer, and are connected to a remote server.

Now let's learn how to change file permissions... something you often have to do to define whether files are readable, writable and executable.

First, locate the file on the remote server for which you want to change the permissions.

Right click the file you want to change the permissions for, then click File Permissions.

Make the adjustments to the read, write and execute permissions you need, then click OK.

Notice the numeric value of the permissions is automatically updated... you could've also just entered the permissions here.

That's it! The permissions for this file have been changed, as you can see here.

You can also change the permissions of folders, in the same way. Let's go ahead and update the folder permissions for this folder.

Right click the folder...

... then update the permissions.

That's it! Permissions for the folder have been updated.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to change file and folder permissions with FileZilla.

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