How to configure your Payment Due Notices in Blesta

That's it! The Payment Due Notices have been configured.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to set and customize Payment Due Notices in Blesta.

Blesta allows you to setup automated invoice notices to be emailed to your clients before and after the invoice due dates.

Click the Settings link in the upper right corner.

Then with the Company tab selected, click Billing/Payment.

Click the Payment Due Notices link.

To enable the Payment Notices system, make sure the Allow Payment Notices to be Sent is checked.

Next, set the number of days before or after the due date, for each of up to 3 notices to be sent.

Then, edit the email template for each payment notice to suit your needs.

When finished editing, click Update Template.

You can also set the date for Auto-Debit notices to go out, and edit it's email template as well.

When finished, click Update Settings.

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