How to setup the Blesta cron job for automated tasks

Once installation is complete, a cron job must be created to automate tasks within Blesta.

If you are setting up the cron job for the first time, you can click the Configure link in the System Status section of the home page.

Otherwise, simply click the Settings link at the top of the page.

Click the System tab.

Then click Automation.

Click to copy the cron command to your clipboard.

Next, open your hosting control panel. In this demo we're using cPanel.

Click the Cron Jobs icon.

In the Add a New Cron Job section, select for the cron to run Every 5 minutes.

Then paste the cron command you copied.

Note: You can delete the prefix that defines that the cron is to run every 5 minutes... since you've already entered that in the common settings.

Then click Add New Cron Job.

That's it! Now return to the Blesta System Settings page.

After no more than 5 minutes, we can verify that the cron has indeed run.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to setup your cron job for automated tasks in Blesta.

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